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About The Inventor

Henry Rennich

As a result of surgery after prostate cancer, Henry Rennich suffered from loss of bladder control. Like many other men, he found the use of pads or an urostomy pouch to be a nuisance, and inconvenient when travelling, dancing, golfing or at social functions.

After unsatisfactory results from other incontinence clamps already on the market, Henry decided to design his own urinary incontinence clamp. He knew it would take a user to come up with the perfect incontinence clamp. After a considerable series of trials and studies, Henry is completely satisfied with the end result.

Henry says the time, effort and money spent developing his penile clamp was well worth it just to regain control of his life again. He derives great satisfaction knowing his invention is now benefiting others.

Many men have sent letters attesting to the renewed lifestyle the incontinence clamp has provided for them. Visit our Testimonials page to see some of their reviews.

Henry Rennich, Inventor of Dribblestop, Incontinence Clamp, Male Incon