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Discretion Is A Virtue

Most vendors will only provide a single incontinence clamp for your use. Not only does each kit come with two clamps, we focused on engineering a .4 oz device that's compact, lightweight, and discrete for all day use.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Adjustability is critical to ensure men of all sizes can feel secure. Our incontinence supplies for men can be custom fit to apply the right amount of pressure without discomfort, stopping urine leakage in its tracks.

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Forget It's Even There

Feeling comfortable in your daily activities with a male incontinence device should be a given. Trust us, we know. That's why we sculpted our high grade medical foam to be soft, hypoallergenic, non-absorbent, and washable.

No Annoying Extra Waste

Disposable male incontinence products are a nuisance and get in the way of your daily life. Try our clamps, designed by a man who used his personal experience to make a reliable, reusable product suited to your needs.

Confidence Through Good Hygiene

You'll find your fair share of penile clamps for incontinence that are hard to clean. Ours is quick and easy to clean, made from water-resistant materials that need nothing more than warm water and some soap.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 20.32 × 4.00 cm


Like many men before him, Henry Rennich suffered from a loss of bladder control after surgery. Lengthy testing with various male incontinence products disappointed both quality and efficiency. Rather than be beaten down, Henry took it upon himself to personally design a device that used his own intimate experience to find a solution that brings satisfaction and comfort to others like himself.

The Dribblestop Male Urinary Incontinence Clamp takes the next step forward to bring bladder security home to rest. Its custom-fit design is adjustable to suit men of any size with comfort and precision. After all, many male incontinence devices struggle with finding the right pressure balance. Our incontinence supplies for men are ideal for giving you the confidence to live life at its fullest without stressing over bladder control, utilizing top-grade materials that are lightweight, water resistant, and breathable to create a reusable, durable item ideal for saving you money and while minimizing excess waste from disposable products. Click Add to Cart now to keep your urethral management in check.


  • Weight: 10grams (0.4 oz)
  • Size: 7.6cm x 3.8cm x 1.25cm (3 x 1.5 x 0.5 in<)/li>
  • Color: White and Pink
  • Amount: 2 clamps Per Kit

18 reviews for Dribblestop™ Kit

  1. Michael C. – Ozillac, France

    Following surgery I was incontinent. Then I discovered Dribblestop and have worn it from the first day I received it and feel so relieved that my freedom has been restored. Many thanks.

  2. R.C. – Granite Bay, USA

    I would like to thank you for developing the Dribblestop Clamp. I am a runner and I had prostate surgery two years ago. My incontinence has improved with time except when I run. Male pads work for short runs but fail on long runs. I wanted to train for a marathon. I needed to have control for more than four hours of running. Using the Dribblestop allowed me to run the entire marathon dry and comfortable.

  3. George Main – Director, BC Foundation for Prostate Disease

    As the editor of and an incontinent survivor of prostate surgery, I developed a self interest in the various treatments available. I was looking into an internal sphincter when my urologist suggested Dribblestop…Dribblestop is a clamp like no other I have used. Light weight, comfortable, long wearing, Dribblestop has given me the freedom of movement I didn’t think would ever be possible. The clamp went with me to places I would never have considered going to a year ago; Egypt, Cairo and on a Safari to Tanzania and it passes undetected through airport (security). I am also back to teaching Karate full time! Thanks Henry!

  4. Ron T. – NSW, Australia

    I am 62 years old and radical prostatectomy left me uncontrollably incontinent. I was using pads at the rate of about 10 a day. I was depressed and almost agoraphobic. I ordered the Dribblestop and I hardly know that I have it on and can now do everything I did before surgery. I am so pleased with it I that I don’t even worry anymore about whether or not I ever regain continence. Thank you so much.

  5. Don – Kingman, USA

    I was so pleased to find something that will help me to live a normal life. I have fought this problem for over fifteen years and hadn’t found anything to compare with it.

  6. E.W.A. – Toronto, ON

    Following prostate surgery I suffered urinary incontinence. Dribblestop eliminated the need for further surgery and has made the most amazing difference in my quality of life.

  7. David H. – Vancouver, Canada

    I am a prostate survivor of over 30 years and am no stranger to occasional incontinence. I only become aware of the various incontinence devices about three years ago and thereafter tried three of the most popular types recommended by my doctor. I can now say conclusively that the Dribblestop model was the only one that met my criteria which were the following: 1. Comfortable to wear yet durable 2. Easy to put on and take-off 3. Safely wearable 24 hours a day 4. Without any metal content that might activate a security alarm 5. Readily washable 6. Not too expensive and easily replaced if lost 7. Wearable during biking, golfing and swimming. I have just returned from a whirlwind tour of 10 countries in Europe and will be travelling to Mexico in another 2 weeks and couldn’t contemplate trips of this nature without the assurance of my Dribblestop. I always carry one spare!

  8. Gary A. – Ontario, Canada

    I had a radical prostatectomy in Nov. 2015. Following that I suffered from incontinence. It was very degrading to have to wear incontinence products. I came across the Dribblestop and my quality of life changed from the moment I received your product. After my prostatectomy I required radiation and the Oncology team were very surprised to see what I was wearing. I was required to wear it for every treatment, which made me feel very comfortable, as for each treatment I had to have no underwear on and did not have to worry about a mess on the table. Since then I am able to go each day without fear of showing wet pants and not having to wear incontinence products. Thank you so much for developing such a great product.

  9. David B. – Winnipeg, MB

    Following my surgery and radiation, I had a very significant problem with incontinence. My Urologist suggested that I should try the DRIBBLESTOP. I tried the DRIBBLESTOP and have had my life restored so that I am now able to lead a very normal life. I would recommend trying the Dribblestop to men who have a problem with incontinence. We all owe Henry Rennich a debt of gratitude.

  10. Don B. – Sun City, USA.

    My testimony is simple. In 21 years as a prostate cancer survivor this single product has enabled me to maintain a normal, active lifestyle. I consider the day I spoke to Mr. Rennich the day I got my life back.

  11. John B. – Cambridge, UK

    Nothing in the market to compete with it. And I know having wasting money over the years trying other similar products after being left incontinent after my prostate surgery over six years ago. In the early days, I even tried wearing an external catheter with bag strapped to my leg! Dribblestop has given me back my confidence and freedom socially. No longer looking for a loo every 45 minutes to change pads. I can even go to the bar with my brother in laws and enjoy a few pints while watching the football – brilliant! I am 67 years old. (My full hip replacement coming up to its 21st Birthday soon!) Because of the Dribblestop I have the pleasure of going swimming each week with my five-year-old grandson as I am able to wear the same swimming trunks that I did before the surgery. I also go to gym exercise classes three times a week – again comfortably wearing training shorts in the knowledge that I will not have any leaks during the exercise class. Unlike other products you actually get two Dribblestops so you always have a spare if needed for quick replacement.

  12. R.M. – USA

    After having a radical prostatectomy in 2012, I struggled with leakage for about five years, while spending quite a bit of money on Depends. After we moved, I started seeing a new urologist. This urologist recommended Dribblestop but I was hesitant about trying them for a few months. Because of my continued frustration, I decided that I had nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain. As a result, I purchased a pair of Dribblestops. This was a great decision! I have been using them for about 8 months and, as a result, I was able to resume my normal lifestyle.

  13. G.G. – Washington, USA

    I have BPH with issues of dribbling…so when I learned about DribbleStop through one of their US dealers I jumped & having been wearing my DribbleStop during waking hours for six months now. Great product, does what the name implies & saves trips to the restroom.

  14. Dennis O. – Winnipeg, MB

    Never have I been more compelled to write a testimonial for any product in my life. The dribblestop has changed my life. I am no longer constantly aware and stressed by my complete incontinence. For the past 10 years I had no control of my bladder as a result of a radical prostatectomy followed by radiation and numerous surgical procedures to repair the neck of my bladder and my urinary track. I had come to accept the distraction and stress that constantly accompanies living with this condition. In many ways I felt imprisoned and unable to live a full active life. But I would remind myself that this is the way it will be for the rest of my life and I am lucky to be a cancer survivor. Then “Out of the Blue” I am browsing in a medical supply store in Winnipeg called Diamond Athletic Medical and noticed Dribblestop. I was not looking for it because I had never heard of it and no one had recommended it to me. At first I did not know what to think. Could this possibly help me.? Would it make any difference? Initially I was reluctant to spend $ 100 on something I did not know if it would work or not. I am so glad , maybe it was my desperation, that I chose to give it a chance. Well I must say it turned out it was like winning the Lottery. It is like I got my life back ! I do not leak, goodbye to 10 pads a day, sopping full of smelly urine, and wearing diapers at night. Goodbye to a life of distraction and stress. When my bladder is full I can release the Dribblestop and pee like normal. No stress, no smell, no rashes and sores. It is very comfortable to wear and I rarely feel I have it on. Freedom and peace of mind. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you Henry!! God Bless You,

  15. J.B. – Burnaby, BC

    After one year of use, I have now purchased my second set of Dribblestop clamps. It’s been an excellent help to me in controlling my incontinence issues. Now three years after my radical prostatectomy, it has been a better year than the first two years. Previously, I tried a couple of competitive products. The first was the “non-clamp” cuff which was too painful, pinched, and very expensive….I went through 3 products a year and it never really controlled the leaks. The second product was the “most popular” clamp which was even more painful for me. So needless to say, I am a happy Dribblestop user now and am grateful to Henry for inventing this great product!

  16. D.J. – Bedford, UK

    Some several years ago I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer so had to undergo surgery to have my prostate removed. At the time I was not warned that surgery could result in problems of leakage from the bladder. However, no doubt the surgery potentially saved my life, so it had to be done. However, one of my hobbies is playing golf which I have enjoyed for over 50 years and when I had recovered from surgery I could not wait to back on the course. The problem was after all my rounds I was very, very wet due to leakage from my bladder due to the swing in my golf. I tried everything I could to resolve this problem but nothing seemed to work for me. However, one day I discovered a device called Dribblestop which is male urinary incontinence clamp. I decided to purchase one and guess what it has transformed my life as I can now play golf, go for long walks and do any activity and stay perfectly dry with no leakage at all it is wonderful device, I just wish I had been aware of it after my operation. If you suffer like I have go on give it try you will be amazed.

  17. S.C. – Montville, USA

    Your product has been a life changer for me. I can go about my daily business, with no fear of leaking or accidents. I have alternated three of your excellent clamps over the past two years, and they are still in great condition. Please don’t stop making Dribblestop. It is the only clamp I found that actually works and is comfortable.

  18. R.B. – Pennsylvania, USA

    This device enabled me to return to the normal, active life that I had before my cancer. As an 80 year old, I’m still going strong. God bless and best wishes for all of you.

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